PIVOT PIVOT Shuttle 29 Race XT Black Sm V2

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The Shuttle looks a lot like our other Trail and Enduro models because it is – it has the same type of progressive geometry, ultra-capable suspension, and a state-of-the-art lightweight carbon-fiber chassis that magically makes you a better rider in the most demanding terrain. Shimano’s STEPS eMTB system amplifies your capabilities, enabling you to ride harder, ride further, and explore previously unthinkable routes. The Shuttle is everything that’s great about mountain biking – only now, you get to experience more of it. Way more.

The Shuttle is long and slack up front, short and snappy out back. We kept the center of gravity low and gave the Shuttle an even burlier version of the rear shock linkage featured on our long-travel bikes. Finally, we maximized frame and wheel stiffness with Super Boost Plus 157mm spacing. The end result? The Shuttle manages to be surprisingly nimble in tight conditions, is supremely confident on fast, chunky descents, and can scale ridiculously steep climbs with surefooted calm.

Shimano’s mountain bike specific electric assist 250-watt drive unit system silently doubles the average rider’s output, so you ride harder, longer and on trails that previously seemed un-rideable. The Shuttle is so awesome you can even ride with it turned off and guess what? It still shreds. Hard. Just like our class-leading trail and enduro models. That’s because it’s essentially a rowdier version of our singletrack-loving Mach 5.5 trail bike with a whole lot of Firebird DNA mixed in. The Shuttle pedals exceptionally well. It carves the tightest corners. It absolutely rips technical descents. Now, turn on the Shuttle on and what do you get? You get the same awesome things—with the ability to ride a whole lot further. Epic rides get more epic. Heinous climbs stop being heinous. In a word, the Shuttle is rad. And a little extra battery power is icing on the cake.



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