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Kasen Electric Bicycles, we know that for many, eBikes are not just a hobby; but a lifestyle and a movement. 

For nearly 20 years, Kasen has cultivated strong relationships with eBike riders. This unique relationship helps us design exciting, sleek, and elegant eBikes with features riders want at a fraction of the price you would typically expect to pay for eBikes of our quality. 

Based in Chino, California, Kasen is dedicated to giving you the best eBikes at an affordable price. Together, we will revolutionize transportation in America, where clean, efficient, non-polluting electric bikes are a more common sight on the road.

Whether you are a commuter, off-road enthusiast, weekend warrior, or just want to have fun, Kasen has an eBike for you!

Kasen Generates Pure Excitement!

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